The eyes of war

World War 1 (1914-1918) was the first conflict to enter the era of communication and information.
During WW1, the techniques of photo engraving and printing in newspapers, magazines or books were in their early stages. Their development actually occurred after the conflict and thus launched the creation of a genuine media-library system in the 1920s. Created during the preceding century, relief prints were not a process intended to cohabit with text. Their sole goal was to entertain readers.
Because of their hyperrealism, relief images are difficult to touch-up. The hyperrealism of relief images was not really suited to touch-ups. Close to reality, and often to the horrors of war, relief images faithfully reproduce bodies or landscapes, and expose tragically possible situations. By over-emphasizing depth and mimicry, the impact is hard, different from simple, flat images, without relief.

Extract À coté de la plaque, revoir la Grande Guerre en relief, Sonia Floriant.

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